How the Locals Eat at Regina Pizzeria


Since 1926, the Polcari family has been making pizza at 11 1/2 Thacher Street in Boston’s North End. The chain now includes over 20 locations but the original restaurant is a humble place with battered booths and paper plates. Wine is served in plastic cups and you can get beer by the pitcher or in mismatched pint glasses. Reservations are not accepted so there is usually a line of tourists waiting to be seated. The pizza is pricey but the crust is incredible and their signature garlic oil – lovingly called “crack” by some of the staff – make it worth it. This spot is great for a casual date night or dinner with friends. Here are four suggestions to get your Regina fix the local way:

1. Go on a Monday night – I’ve observed that lines on Mondays are short or nonexistent.

2. Go in a duo or at max a trio and grab a seat at the bar. You can order the full menu and you don’t have to wait in line.

3. If you live nearby, call ahead and get takeout. You can order pizza by the slice – cheese, pepperoni, and featured special. Or, you can order any pizza on the menu by the pie.

4. Don’t miss the yearly Coupon Calendar that staff give out to patrons in December. The calendar features TWO monthly coupons for different pizzas ranging from the ever-popular Giambotta to the classic Margherita (pictured). Discounts vary from $3-$5 but it makes the pizza just a little bit more affordable for the cash-strapped who want to eat something better than DiGiorno.

A single slice of Regina's Margherita pizza thanks to the February coupon.

A single slice of Regina’s Margherita pizza made a delicious dinner at home. Coupon from February. 

The 2014 Coupon Calendar

The 2014 Coupon Calendar features two coupons per month!


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